AWO - at a glance
(an overview of the purpose & aim of the Federal Association and main activities of the Eschborn chapter)

The 'Arbeiterwohlfahrt' (AWO), or 'Workers' Welfare Association' is one of the six most relevant German registered non-profit welfare organizations (rechtlich anerkannter, gemeinnütziger Verband; gehört zu den sechs Spitzenverbänden der freien Wohlfahrtspflege in Deutschland) and dedicated to promoting worker welfare.

This is accomplished by pursuing social & welfare services in a wide range of fields, including elderly care; youth services; children, youth & family welfare; migration counseling; community development; and others.

Founded on 13 Dec 1919, the Federal Association of the AWO (= AWO Bundesverband e.V.) is registered in the German capital city of Berlin (core values: solidarity, tolerance, freedom, equality and justice). With approx. 238,000 staff plus 83,000 volunteers, AWO is one of the largest German employers.

For more details, please refer to the official website of the federal-level body of the AWO ( and explore foreign activities conducted by 'AWO International' in Asia and Central America ( 

As a registered non-profit association and in the spirit of "children are our future!", the ESCHBORN CHAPTER of the AWO is domiciled in the city of Eschborn, located in the surroundings of Frankfurt / Main in the German federal state of Hessen.

Founded back in 1920, AWO-Eschborn is carrying out social educational work at dedicated schools in town, i.e. Hartmutschule, Heinrich-von-Kleist-Schule and Sued-West-Schule - offering homework done under supervision for school children and is also providing for other versatile & good quality childcare provisions, e.g. classrooms for crafts and play afternoons for kids (locally well known as 'Kunterbunte Kinderbude – KUKIBU'). In addition, AWO-Eschborn is offering lunch-time child care with lunch served as a warm meal including seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Furthermore, a counseling & information service is being offered covering both, responding to general questions on social affairs and providing detailed insight into actual AWO activities.

Here we have briefly summarized our offers in English: